POLYSICS – New Wave Hotline

AlunaGeorge – Your Drums, Your Love

Jonti – Cyclic Love

Django Reinhardt – Minor Swing

Mux Mool – Get Better John

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Windshield Smasher

Cool Calm Pete – The List

Peter Broderick – I Am Piano

Someday I hope to earn the title "burgomaster"

Robot Koch – Nitesky (feat. John LaMonica)

Voicemail from Gina

Voicemail from Paul

Voicemail from Paul

Eprom – Shoplifter

Highly targeted advertising.

Your Air Is Killing You: Monitoring VOCs

A Finnish driver’s license costs €2,000 and is valid for 52 years

Dirty Gold – California Sunrise

Filastine – Lost Records

Installing Ruby development headers on Mac OS X Lion

May Day texts are always entertaining

Mid-April and Näsijärvi is finally starting to thaw. Wooooooo

Finnish Joel McHale

Balkan Beat Box – Bulgarian Chicks

Sleigh Bells – Holly

Happy Leap Day

Sixtoo – Noise Complaint

Using Location-­Aware Multimodal Speech Interfaces to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

The Rural Alberta Advantage – Don’t Haunt This Place

Voicemail from Hilary

Oneohtrix Point Never – Returnal featuring Antony – Antony’s Vocal Version

He’s either sleeping or he suffocated himself to death

Listener – I Have Nothing But Attention When I Scream

Doctor P – Tetris

Not sure which is worse: ice cream truck with its annoying jingle or poisonous gas truck with its poisonous gas

Hank 3 – Fadin Moon

Anyone know what this is?

I'm With…

Double rainbow over the Caribbean

Blank Screens

Odds I’ll seriously injure myself trying to get a snack from the backyard?

We Butter The Bread With Butter – Schlaf Kindlein Schlaf

Voicemail from Skeleton

$1000 van, $2000 sound system, $100 horn

Do users change their settings?

Island radio involves more DJ-yelling than music-playing

ISAN – Damil 85

Voicemail from a 845 number

To fully embrace technology, we must learn to let it go

Centering button elements and input buttons